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Med-Care offers a state-of-the-art
pharmacy with automated refills.

Generic or
Brand Drugs

We offer our patients with a wide
variety of drugs options.

  • Welcome to Med-Care Infusion Services,

    Med-Care Infusion Services, Inc. offers the most advanced Home Infusion Program in South Florida. Using the latest infusion devices, we are able to service the most complex of patient’s therapies in a cost effective manner.

    Med-Care Infusion’s team approach maintains continuity of care between all disciplines of the health care team, the continuous flow of information between the care givers and pharmacy, provides the ultimate team approach for care to the high acuity type patient.

  • Infusion & Pharmacy Services

    • I.V. Antibiotic Therapy
    • I.V. Antiviral Therapy
    • I.V. Pain Management
    • I.V. Chemotherapy
    • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
    • Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition
    • Injectables
    • Hydration Therapy
    • Pentamidine Inhalation Treatments
    • Unit Dose Respiratory Medication


  • Pharmacy Counseling

    Our pharmacists are available when you have questions. They are knowledgeable professionals and will gladly take the time to show you how to use the medications or supplies prescribed by your doctor.